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Music Finally the mv is out! Check it out! Taylor Swift - Style

Finally the mv is out! Check it out! Taylor Swift ...


Go Chic


Go Chic very sexy design

very sexy design


Art Craze


Art Craze BANKSY 黎左香港!!!!

BANKSY 黎左香港!!!!





Sweet self

Believe it or not


Believe it or not jet black burger with charcoal bamboo cheese and squid ink.

Wanna try?

jet black burger with charcoal bamboo cheese and s...


My Trip


My Trip ☆★☆ Beautiful Just Beautiful  ☆★☆

☆★☆ Beautiful Just Beautiful ☆★☆


Believe it or not


Believe it or not This 911 Dispatcher Broke the Rules to Save a Toddler’s Life

Tim Webb risked his job and broke the rules to save the life of 17-month-old boy.

The 911 dispatcher at Virginia’s Galax Police Department recently received a frantic call from Melissa Grable, describing how her young son Aidan had suddenly become lifeless during a nap, reports Fox2 Now.

The boy, who was previously feeling ill, had suffered a seizure and stopped breathing. Sensing they only had minutes to act, the distraught mom begged Webb for directions on what to do.

The dispatcher asked if anyone on the other end knew CPR. When Grable said no, Webb was left with a tough decision.

Webb himself knows CPR, but the Galax Police Department does not have a emergency medical dispatch certification. This means dispatchers are prohibited from giving CPR directions over the phone.

But at that moment, Webb decided the rules didn’t apply. Knowing that Aidan needed immediate help, Webb gave instructions to Grable on how to perform CPR on her son.

“Without some sort of life-saving measures, the child would expire. I wasn’t gonna let that happen, even if it meant being reprimanded.” said Webb.

Grable and Aidan’s grandmother carefully followed the steps and 20 minutes later, when the ambulance arrived, Aidan was breathing again.

To thank Webb for his selfless choice, Aidan and his family stopped by the police department several weeks after that frightening call. The police department also applauded Webb for acting quickly and taking a risk in order to save a child’s life.

“It makes you realize why you get up, why you come to work, and why you do what you do.” said Webb.

911 dispatcher in Virginia breaks rules to help save dying toddler

This 911 Dispatcher Broke the Rules to Save a Todd...










Interesting Design


Interesting Design this is how my sis organize her toiletry.. i think thats pretty nice, whacha think

this is how my sis organize her toiletry.. i think...


For a laugh


For a laugh we all do this

we all do this


For a laugh


For a laugh true.
i have enought msg like this in my msgbax right now

true. i have enought msg like this in my msgbax r...

Savannah Gunn



Technology Seven Year Old Hacks Coffee Shop WiFi
It is always good when you find a free Wi-Fi connection at a coffee shop so you can read the news, chat with your friends, check your emails or simply watch YouTube. But all of this changed for all those present the day when Betsy Davies, a seven year old girl, hacked one such WAP and accessed a stranger’s laptop within minutes.

An experiment was conducted by Hide My Ass!, a company that provides Virtual Private Network services, to alert the public about the risks involved when using free, public Wi-Fi. So to prove how easy and vulnerable you may be, the team at Hide My Ass! gave this task to a seven year old girl.

“We set the challenge to IT-savvy, primary school student, Betsy Davies from Dulwich in South London, who was able to hack into a public Wi-Fi hotspot after she searched and watched a video tutorial online which explained how to hack a network. It took 7-year old Betsy just 10 minutes and 54 seconds to hack into a Wi-Fi hotspot. She then set up a Rogue Access Point which is often used by cybercriminals to trigger a ‘man in the middle’ attack allowing her to ‘sniff’ traffic.” – Hide My Ass Blog Post.

Professional hacker Marcus Dempsey, a person who is often hired by big companies to test their computer security systems, watched Betsy as she made her way through by Googling everything. Of the things she Googled, there were eleven million results returned and about fourteen thousand video tutorials linked via YouTube.

“The results of this experiment are worrying but not entirely surprising, I know just how easily a layman can gain access to a stranger’s device, and in an age where children are often more tech literate than adults, hacking can literally be child’s play. Adults need to get their heads around online security basics – and stick to them whenever they connect to an insecure network. As for children, while its admirable educators are focusing on skills like coding, it’s important to teach them about the dangers that lurk online, as well instilling a clear sense of the ethics. After all, as easily as one can now code a computer game, so one can fall into the dark world of hacking.” – stated by Dempsey.

Researchers who were involved in this experiment came up with astonishing numbers, saying that about two thirds of Britons use open Wi-Fi hotspots with a ratio of twenty percent on weekly basis. It was also noted that sensitive data was being exchanged such as names, passwords, emails, addresses, national insurance numbers, pictures, and online banking being on top of the line.

Cain McKenna Charley, a member of Hide My Ass, said that the image of cyber criminals hiding away in some far flung part of the world is antiquated. They are just as likely to be sitting next to you in a coffee shop or a public library. And if a child can perform a basic hack on a Wi-Fi network in minutes, imagine the damage a professional blackhat hacker could do.  Just as you wouldn’t announce your online banking details at full volume in a public place, we want to remind Britons to protect their information from online eavesdroppers. Although there’s growing awareness of the data we willingly hand over when we click ‘Agree’ to join an open network, many still have no idea just how simple it is to compromise a WiFi network and steal the information of those using it.

Stay Safe on Public Wi-Fi!

Seven Year Old Hacks Coffee Shop WiFi It is alway...




Architecture Fucking Awesome !!!!

Fucking Awesome !!!!




Bikini 郭珉妏 Queenie

郭珉妏 Queenie